Camerapad Moving
Camerapad Moving is a software control panel designed to control professional pan-tilt-zoom cameras through a local program interface as well as remotely through its own internal web server using basic html commands. The web remote control panel can be configured with any graphic buttons, logos, javascript, applets, flash, or anything else that html and the imagination will allow. A few different html control panels can be seen through the web page links and demo cams on this site.
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Custom Cables and Power Supplies
We have custom designed cables to allow pc control of many proprietary videoconference camera units. Check out our products list to see if we have something for your camera or let us know what you need. We are always looking to expand our product offering to make it easy for you.
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Replacement Belts and Other Repairs
We have the custom replacement tilt belts for the Picturetel PTZ2 cameras and we can do other repairs on these units as well. Please contact us with information pertaining to your specific problem.
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Cables for Picturetel MIC1
We now carry custom replacement cables for the hard to find Picturetel MIC1 to codec #7.
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Picturetel PTZ2 Camera
We have the Picturetel PTZ2 camera in stock which can be paired with our custom cables and Camerapad Moving to operate on a pc as a webcam or security cam.
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Camerapad FAQ
Check out the Camerapad FAQ for answers to your questions or visit the support area for additional resources.

Check out the products page for information on software, cameras, cables, and power supplies.



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