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Camerapad Moving License Key
Price: $50

Camerapad Moving allows you to control your pan-tilt-zoom camera with a local software control panel as well as remotely through its own internal web server using html commands. It can be paired with any video capture or streaming software application of choice for many uses including security, webcam, remote viewing, time-lapse recording, studio production video, etc. The remote control panel can be configured with any graphic buttons, logos, javascript, applets, flash, or anything else that html and the imagination can allow. A few examples can be seen in operation through the Demo cam links.

Camerapad Moving has an advanced tab that is collapsable to make the software less cluttered when you only want to pan, tilt, and zoom your camera. You can make the software stay on top of your windows for easy access to the control panel or you can hide the software in the system tray to run it in the background.

keyboard map

keyboard map Camerapad Moving also has keyboard controls. You can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to pan and tilt your camera. The plus (+) and minus (-) keys on the keyboard allow you to zoom in and out, while pressing a number on the keyboard allows you to recall a bookmark with the press of a button. With Number Lock off, the number keypad can be used to move the camera as well. You can move your camera left and right, and for most models you can move the camera diagonally as well. You can press F1 when using Camerapad Moving to bring up the help file for more information on other keyboard items.

Camerapad Moving is downloadable as a 15 day free trial so that you can test it with your specific camera. You may contact us anytime to purchase a license which will activate any and all of the downloadable control panels concurrently.

Camerapad Moving currently operates on Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, 2003 and supports these Cameras. Camerapad Moving supports many different cameras so the functionality can be slightly different from camera to camera. Please view the supported camera list to understand what functions are supported for your camera.

Download Camerapad Moving control panels.

If you simply need an activation key, please check out with the link above and I will process your order manually as soon as I get behind the computer. If you need additional items or assistance of any kind, feel free to email us at .



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